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Add a tool

Submitting a tool does not guarantee that you will be included on the website and you will likely not receive a response from us. Submitted tools are reviewed manually, by an AI and then a human.

We give you the opportunity to let us know that your tool exists.

We decide whether we think it is worth sharing with others or not.

If you submitted a tool and it has not been listed within a week of submission, you can resubmit it and we will review it again.

Do not spam the submission form.

Our site's mission is to select and test the most promising and effective AI tools.

The majority of proposals on this site do not receive our approval.Our team meticulously selects which tools to include and which to exclude.

Here is an overview of the most common reasons why certain tools are not included:

  • Concept redundancy - Our aim is to assist visitors in their choice of tools.If several similar tools are already present on our platform, chances are we won't add an additional one. We encourage you to make your creation unique and propose it again.

  • Lack of website professionalism - A site that looks like it was put together in a few minutes and without expertise won't convince us of the quality of your tool. To be taken seriously, make sure your website reflects professionalism and offers a quality user experience.

  • Product unavailability - If your product is not yet available to the public and requires a waiting list entry, we recommend that you submit it after its official launch. We have encountered an excessive number of tools that never saw the light of day after the collection of e-mail addresses. Products not yet officially launched are not accepted.

  • Adult content - We will refuse your site if it contains adult content without active filters by default. Our platform is designed to be accessible to everyone.

  • Non-compliant submissions - We don't distribute newsletters, platforms featuring new tools, blogs, or direct links to bots on Discord, Telegram, or WhatsApp, and so on. Our focus is on sharing real-world software.

  • Questionable reputation of your site - If your site raises a lot of concerns, or is inundated with negative reviews (regarding iOS, Android, Chrome apps, etc.), we're likely to exclude your tool from our list.

In short, our aim is to compile a range of outstanding tools that we feel will benefit the public.Although we have set up a submission form to maximize your chances, this does not guarantee your tool's inclusion on our platform. Other aggregators are less selective, but we take a professional approach and proactively correct inaccuracies.


  1. Non-compliance with security standards: If a site does not follow basic security protocols, such as using HTTPS, or has known vulnerabilities, it may be rejected to protect users.

  2. Plagiarized content: Sites that reproduce content from other sources without proper credits or that violate copyright may be excluded to avoid legal problems and maintain content integrity.

  3. Lack of privacy policy: The absence of a clear privacy policy or non-compliance with personal data protection regulations (such as the RGPD) would be a major cause for rejection.

  4. Too many ads or promotional content: Sites saturated with intrusive ads or focused primarily on promotional content rather than providing value to users are often less favored.

  5. Suspicious or malicious activity: If a site is linked to dubious activities, such as scams, phishing, or malware distribution, it will certainly be rejected for security reasons.

  6. Lack of original or valuable content: Sites that offer little unique content or provide no real value to the user may be considered irrelevant.

  7. Non-compliance with local or international legislation: Sites that fail to comply with laws, such as those governing the sale of illegal goods, are immediately excluded.

  8. Lack of contact information or customer support: The absence of a clear way for users to contact support or customer service can also be a reason for rejection, as it calls into question the credibility and reliability of the site.

If someone (or our program) has already added your tool, you can use the update form. It's available by purchasing our tool update service.

This is a good solution if you've updated your tool for any of the following reasons:

  1. New features: Add information about recently developed or enhanced features to inform customers of new software capabilities.

  2. Price changes: Update pricing information, whether it's a temporary promotion, a new pricing structure, or the introduction of new subscription options.

  3. Security enhancements: Description of software security enhancements, including measures taken to protect user data and prevent unauthorized access.

  4. Regulatory updates: Adaptation of the product to new laws and regulations, which may be particularly relevant for software related to finance, health, or personal data protection.

  5. New integrations : Introducing new compatibilities with other software or platforms, extending the product's functionality and interoperability.

  6. User interface optimization: Announce changes designed to enhance the user experience, make the software more intuitive, or modernize the interface.

  7. Update screenshots or videos: Replace visuals to reflect the new look of the software or demonstrate new features in action.

  8. Update customer testimonials: Add new customer reviews or case studies to show how the software has helped other users or companies.

  9. Changes to system requirements: Information on changes to the hardware or software configuration required to use the software optimally.

  10. Availability in new languages: Announcement of the localization of the software, indicating its availability in different languages to broaden its accessibility to an international audience.

Despite our selection process, faced with the enormous number of tools, we must act quickly and sometimes we make mistakes. These errors are corrected with time and visitor action. This does not happen with our paid plans because we verify our future partners and customers even more rigorously.

Tool page

For now, all tool summaries are generated by AI. Our site looks at your homepage content and then uses the GPT-4 API to summarize what your site is doing. The image presented on the page is either the Open Graph image defined in your metadata or a screenshot of your home page.

As this process is largely automated, some information may be incorrect. We manually review descriptions before they're posted on the site to make sure they're not completely wrong, but sometimes some nuances slip through the cracks.

We also know that a tool's features, price, and even brand can change over time.

This is why we have designed a formula so that you have the ability to update your tool.

We have set up a paid plan to control your product page. It will be easy for you to modify your information.

Faced with certain abuses, this option must be chosen each time your file is modified. Take your time otherwise you will have to buy it again!

Partnership and promotion

Featured listings are paid promotions. We give tool creators the opportunity to purchase a month's worth of featured listings in various parts of the site. We have only 4 premium highlights available, in order to preserve the clarity of the user interface. These lists are often sold out several weeks in advance. If you would like to purchase one, please contact us here.

Here are the details of the Standard plan.

  • Home page: Product presentation in the space dedicated on the home page to the best tools (8 per category) after the premium placements, followed by the best rated.
  • All Tools page: Preferential placement at the top of the list after premium placements. The best-rated tools will be displayed after you.
  • Category and sub-category headers: Preferred placement at the top of the list after premium placements. The best-rated tools will be displayed after you.

Here are the details of the Premium Plan.

  • Home page: Product presentation in the space dedicated on the home page to the best tools (8 per category), followed by standard and top-rated placements.
  • All Tools page: Preferential placement at the top of the list, your placement is preciously guaranteed by seniority, ensuring you unwavering continuity and recognition. As long as your commitment endures, your product will retain its privileged position, testifying to your loyalty and consistency of excellence.
  • Category and Sub-Category Headers: Your product appears first in the results for its category, in addition to preferential placement on the list of all tools.
  • Sidebar Recommendations: Inclusion in a "Recommendations" or "Most Popular" list.
  • Search Results: Priority appearance in search results.

For now, there are occasional sponsorship opportunities. If you would like to explore the possibility of sponsorship in the newsletter or on the future YouTube channel, please contact us using this form.

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